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Capella™ Plush (10”)
With an extra-thick layer of our cooling gel memory foam, this plush model combines the ultra-responsive and weightless feel of memory foam with the support your body needs – and all at a price that’s hundreds of dollars less versus the competition offering the same technologies.

2x Amstar-Cool™ Gel Memory Foam
This temperature-sensitive memory foam responds to your body for optimal pressure-relieving comfort while helping to reduce the heat build-up typically associated with memory foam for cooler, more restful sleep.

Amstar-Support™ Foam Core
Our foam support system is made from highly durable and supportive foam so you get the full body support you need in the distinctive feel of an all-foam mattress.

Amstar-Flex™ Foam
Our durable, comfortable, and supportive polyurethane foam is made with an open-cell structure, allowing us to create customized feels while promoting better airflow throughout the mattress.

Knitted 3-D Fabric
A soft, breathable knitted fabric zippered cover helps promote airflow and temperature regulation for less uncomfortable heat build-up at the sleep surface. Plus, the unique 3-dimensional design of this cover gives the mattress a sleek and substantial finish.

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